Happy Wednesday!

A few Valentine Party reminders:

  • ​​​​Party day is THIS Friday
  • If you are not on the volunteer list please do not show up the day of and think you will be admitted to the party. If you have questions on who is on the list of attendees please ask your room parent.
  • If you are a room parent – all lists have been submitted and are final. Please do not ask a new parent to come to the party if someone cancels etc. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Annie or Meghan directly.
  • Volunteers who are on the list can enter at 1pm.  You will not be able to go between schools – you can only enter the school you are assigned too.
  • Party is 1:30-215pm
  • You can check your child out after the party by signing the paper in their classroom if you are a volunteer at that party
  • If you are trying to check out another child (must be your child) from school that you are not attending a party at – then you will need to go to the front office and check them out.
  • If you check them out on paper or at the front office it will be a partial absence and can affect perfect attendance. This is per both school registrars.
  • PLEASE please please do not leave the party you are assigned to and go check in at another party. The Room Parents are counting on you to help in the class you are assigned too.
  • You can park in the back parking lot to enter at either school.  Please do not park in any assigned parking spot at either school.  There is no parking at anytime on 2351

Most important thing to remember is to have FUN this is our LAST party of the year!  Thanks for reading all the way to the end . If you have any other questions let us know!

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