It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Special thanks to Rebekah Loder and Laura Malone for all your hard work- because of you the Merry Mustang Shop will be open next week!

You should have seen a flyer in your child’s Friday folders. If not it will come home this week. This is a great fundraising event for our students. They love shopping for friends and family. All profits from this event go right back to our schools!


Can I come and shop with them? Not really.  There will be volunteers there to help them shop. This way they can shop for YOU and your family and friends and yes sometimes for themselves.

Is it cash and check only? Yes. We can take cash or checks made out to WWB PTO. We can not take credit cards since the kids do the shopping.

If the check is written for too much will they get change? Sort of. We will help them shop to as close to the amount the check is written for and then give change after that. Ex. If they bring a 20$ check we will get them to 20$ or maybe 19.50$ and then give change. We will encourage them to spend it all so please write the check for what you would allow them to spend.

How much are items? They start at 25 cents and go up to $20. Most items are between 2-8$

Is there a particular time they shop? Yes. The teachers will send the students if they have money on their assigned day.

Is there a particular day they shop? Yes.
For WESTWOOD – Kinder is Tuesday, 1st grade on Wednesday, 2nd grade on Thursday.

Bales has a schedule by teacher. See attached for those days and times. It is by homeroom.

NOTE Bales and WW do not have the shop open on the same days – that is not a typo – that is how it is set up.

If they have money on a day they are not scheduled can they shop? Yes with permission from their teacher. It’s best to stick to the schedule but if they need to come another day please have them talk to their teacher

Can we volunteer? YES!!! PLEASE!!! You MUST have completed volunteer training and Background check to help. Click on the link below to sign up TODAY!

Thanks and happy shopping!!! It’s truly a joy to watch your kids shop for their family. The thought and care they put into the items is heart warming.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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