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IMPORTANT INFO in regards to the 1st PTO meeting of the year!!!!
The first PTO meeting of the year is THIS FRIDAY, September 6th at 9am at WESTWOOD.  We will post the agenda on the PTO site!  The principals and counselors attend these meetings and always share great school wide information.  We will have special guests Thad Roher, Kelly Browning (with FISD Community Ed), and Members of the Education Foundation in attendance.  If you can join us please do!
Couple of things to note –

  • You will need to have your DL on hand and scanned to get into school for the meeting.  You DO NOT need to have done volunteer training to attend the meeting HOWEVER you DO need to have done volunteer training to stay after the meeting to do any volunteer jobs (i.e.. Friday folders, help in classroom as directed by the teacher).
  • The system that the front office team uses to vet whether or not you are an approved volunteer has been cleared out from last year.  You have to do volunteer training and CBC each school year.
  • If you have not signed in at the school as a volunteer yet it will take a few minutes for the front office to do that on Friday morning.
  • You can help with the above by: getting to school early to get logged in and packing your patience as the first meeting there is usually record attendance (which is great!),


  • You can go up to school before Friday (either school) and get logged in as a volunteer.  All you have to do is bring your DL and they can scan you in and confirm that they have you in for volunteer training and the CBC was approved.  NOTE – the front office cannot see any denied volunteer applications.  They can only see approved and pending.  We do not recommend doing this on Wedensday-Friday during lunch – its busy enough getting parents in for lunch.  Monday or Tuesday or before or after lunch are good times to stop by and get logged in.  NOTE: you do not HAVE to make a special trip to do this – this is just if you can.

It’s already September… and that means Halloween costumes are out and parents will start purchasing soon. A few reminders/notes about costumes before parents go out and purchase them. We are sure the school will send out an email about this as well – just wanted to help parents out before your kiddo got their heart set on a costume for school!

  • Costumes (which can be worn on class party day only) have to adhere to dress code when it comes to length of skirts and shorts and dresses, straps still need to be three fingers wide, etc.
  • Blow up costumes are not permitted.
  • Nothing that covers the face. The teachers and school staff need to be able to recognize your child while they are in their costume.
  • No weapons, guns, blood, or bad words etc.
Thanks and have a great week!


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