Thank you all so much for signing up on the PTO website. Please encourage all your friends to sign up as well. We want to make this the main source of communication for the PTO to parents, which will help us save on printing expenses. We will still send home flyers throughout the year, but hope to be able to send out weekly/bi-weekly emails to give everybody an update on what is going on with the Westwood and Bales PTO.

Membership: A couple of years ago we asked parents to pay a membership fee of $5 to join the PTO. We no longer ask for that as a membership fee – we want all parents/teachers/staff to know they are a member of PTO by having a child(ren) at the school or working there or both! Instead, we would like to give parents the opportunity to give the $5 to help offset PTO operating expenses. If you can and would like to give more we would not turn your offer down. You can make an online donation here

Orientation: Westwood and Bales both will have school orientation next week. Westwood orientation is on Tuesday, August 20 at 5:30-6:30 PM and Bales is on Thursday, August 22nd  at 5:30-6:30 PM. Orientation(s) is for parents only. As always please make sure and not park in any of the reserved parking spots (handicap and reserved for a family spot) unless it is your spot.

ROOM PARENTS: Don’t forget to turn your form in orsign up online here if you want to be entered in the drawing to be your child(ren) room parent. One room parent will be selected for each home room. You can find more info here.  You only need to complete an online form OR a paper form.  We prefer online as it guarantees we will get your submission on time.  We will still gladly take paper forms as well.  If you want to put your name in the drawing for multiple children you are welcome to do so – if you are chosen for more one child, we will only assign you to one class.  We would not assign you to multiple home rooms.  

PARTY SIGN UPS: District policy states that one representative per child can attend one party a year. Party sign-ups will be out at orientation next week. A parent (mom or dad not both) should sign up for ONE party at orientation. If you are not able to attend orientation – no worries – the teacher/room parent will notify you and get you signed up for a party. If you have put your name in the drawing to be a room parent you should still SIGN UP for your one party. If you have multiple children in the SAME homeroom then you can sign up for one party per child. DO NOT put your name on multiple party lists (unless you have multiple children) and do not add lines to your party signup sheet. There is a certain number of available spots per party for a reason. More information will be distributed from room parents in September.  

LUNCH: Both schools will open to allow for lunch visitors on Wednesday, August 28th. Don’t forget to have your driver’s license when you check in that will be scanned every time you come into the school. Please also remember that you were only allowed to bring lunch for your child(ren) and no other child(ren) at the school.  Lunch visitors can be an immediate family member (mom, dad, sibling or grandparent)

DIRECTORY:  We do not print paper directores at WW and Bales.  Did you know that the PTO site can also be your online school directory? Have you ever needed a classmates address or email or phone number but not had access to it? Did you know that if you are registered on the PTO website you can search by last name to find your child’s classmates?!?!? Don’t want your information listed – NO WORRIES – you can go into your profile and check only the information you want listed. Check it out and sign up today!

Hope everyone is having a great first week back!  Happy Friday and GO MUSTANGS!

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