Hope everyone is having a great week!

Couple of notes about Round Up tickets!

  • If you/your student ordered tickets, shirts and/or wristbands by March 22nd – those should have already arrived at your home.  
  • If you/your student ordered by March 29th – those were delivered if the order only contained tickets and/or wristbands.  We are still waiting on the shirts for those orders to send the rest of those orders home.
  • If you ordered online/paper form after the 29th (those are tickets and wristbands only as no shirt orders were accepted after that date) – those should come home tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.   
  • Did you miss out on ordering???  No problem – you can still buy tickets online (link below) or we are selling at lunches this week and next – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except this Friday which is a holiday).
  • Be sure to put your name/students name and a phone number on all the tickets that are put in the Round Up Baskets!  Otherwise if we draw your ticket we will not know if it belongs to you!  We also need a phone number in case you are not at Round Up when we do the drawing.  You do not need to be present to win!
  • Tickets can be used for the raffle baskets and/or for rides and games. 
  • Tickets can be put in raffle baskets now or the day of Round Up.
  • Pre-paid meal tickets are still available until this Monday the 22nd.  You can also buy those online or through the paper form – a revised paper form was sent home this week.  We will send home the meal tickets with your student next week.  

Thanks and have a great, long Easter weekend!  Reminder there is no school this Friday or Monday for students!

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