Hope everyone is having a great week!

Volunteers are NEEDED for Donuts with Darlins  – we can’t do it without your help!  Click here to sign up today!

Box tops are being collected now and due January 25th.  Please send in with your child to their homeroom teacher!  We will have more collections during the year so keep collecting!

Westwood and Bales yearbooks are on sale NOW!  The schools do not order extras – don’t delay – click here  and get your book TODAY!

  • Note from the Bales team in regards to Yearbooks – “This is just a reminder that time is running out on your opportunity to order a yearbook for your child. Go to Balfour.com, select yearbook, then Bales Intermediate-Friendswood. Bales will NOT order extra books so please order now. If there are any questions please email Kelli Kiser -kkiser@fisdk12.net”
  • Note about Westwood Yearbooks from Maura Pick up (borrowed from Facebook :))WESTWOOD YEARBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT!  Hey y’all! Just thought I’d put a little PSA out there because I’ve had quite a few PM inquiries about deadlines, prices, & ordering. 😉 So… 1.) The deadline to order is January 28th, 2.) The price before the new year was $35 & now the price is $40. (I don’t know why there is a $1 shipping fee. I will look into that with Balfour). FYI, last year the price was $30/$35. It increased this year bc we have added extra pages to accommodate the extra content a large majority expressed interest in including. (And the addition of personal ads – don’t forget to purchase one for your child if interested!!)  All proceeds from yearbook sales go straight to our school – PLEASE THINK OF THIS AS A FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY FOR WESTWOOD. 😊 (and you get a great memory of your child’s year at school!) 3.) Ordering is done completely online, therefore it is confidential. Please check your email (do a search from Balfour) to find your receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, you didn’t order a yearbook. 😉 I am not able to pull up that info for you. Sorry guys! 4.) If you want one, please go order a yearbook for your child soon! It is extremely difficult, if at all possible, (and costly for our school) to add yearbook orders once online ordering has closed. Please don’t wait until they come in & your child is upset they don’t have one like their friends do. (I can’t tell you how many requests I got last year 🤪)

Have you seen the tiles on the walls at Westwood and Bales?  Want to know how to get a tile added to the wall?  Do you have a tile and want to add another one?  Click here for more information and for the link to order yours online TODAY!  A flyer will also come home with your student!  Deadline to order is February 1st!

Skate Night is coming up in February!  It is such a fun event for all!  A flyer will come home with your student or to see a copy click here 

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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