Merry Mustang Shop opens for business TOMORROW!

Couple of FAQs are below:

Can we write a check?  Yes, please make it payable to WWB PTO.  We will encourage the kids to spend the money they have and get as close to the amount as possible.  Example if you send a check for $20 – we will help them spend that amount.

Can they bring cash? Yes!  Please put in the envelope provided or an envelope from home to help keep it safe until time to shop.

Can they use a Credit Card?  No, sorry we only accept cash or check.

When will my child shop?  The schedule is on the PTO website click here.

Do I need to come and help them shop?  No, most likely they are buying for you as a surprise!  We have adult volunteers who will be with every class to help them shop.  If you have time to come and help volunteer – we would be glad to have you!  Click here to sign up today!

Will the shop be open before or after school or during lunch time?  The shop will only be open as noted in the schedule mentioned above.

Thanks and Happy Shopping!

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